Nov 202011

As an electronic musician, I always find it difficult to convey to a live audience what I’m actually doing behind my army of knobs and faders onstage. I mean, most people can relate the action of strumming a guitar to the sound that a guitar makes. There is an immediate and obvious connection between the guitarist’s actions and sounds. This connection in the minds of your audience isn’t so obvious as the keyboardist or "programmer" onstage. In actuality, you could have mapped that knob under your finger to, say, sweep a filter, control Resonance, or anything under the sun really. Worse still, can they even see you twisting that knob? I’m not so sure.

Enter the VMeter LED USB MIDI Controller This controller has an array of sexy blue LEDs that light up as you sweep your finger across the touch strip. It provides very attractive visual feedback for your actions, and easily presents your actions to your audience. These touch strips will no doubt look awesome onstage. They also respond to MIDI events, so you can make those LEDs dance from a MIDI stream. Find all the technical details, few demo videos, or buy one ($59) at the VMeter website.

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