Nov 022011

Looks like Korg is running a couple of nice rebates for this holiday season (Expires Dec.31, 2011).
View the rebates here.

Get a $20 rebate when you buy a Korg Monotron. Amazon and Zzounds carry the Monotron for $59.99 (both with Free Shipping), which brings your price down to $39.99. This popular little beast makes for a great stocking stuffer for musicians who want a true analog synth. It sounds great out-of-the-box, but Korg smartly made this device very easy to mod for those circuit benders out there. A good deal all around.

Korg Monotron

The rebate also gives you the opportunity to get a Free Monotron if you buy any of the following Kaoss Pads: Korg KP3, KPQuad, or KOPro.

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