Aug 192011
Back in 1988 or so, I started a hobby that filled most of my free time: I learned how to "mix", that is, I learned to DJ. The music I spun was mostly Chicago House Music and "New Wave" (as it was called, these days it is now referred to as Industrial, EBM, or synthpop). While Chicago certainly had permanent music clubs and bars where you could hear great music, most DJs mixed at one-off parties thrown by promoters at a myriad of places around the city: halls, churches, etc… After school, Thursday and Friday afternoons, people often handed out flyers like the ones shown below. These flyers reflect my high school years from 1988-1991. Unlike the DJ’s of today that put "DJ" in front of their name, most DJs picked an adjective and affixed it to their name in some way. (i.e Frankie ‘Hollywood‘ Rodriguez, Julian ‘Jumpin‘ Perez). As such, it wasn’t uncommon to see my name listed as "Jammin’ Jimmy V".


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  1. No desrespect but you really didn’t mix with high-profile DJs exept for that one time or at real Hotspots

    • No offense taken. I post these flyers as a nostalgic record of the scene back then. I might not have shared the stage with the Hot Mix Five, but mixing at parties like these were still some of my favorite memories of the late 80’s early 90’s. Thanks for writing… 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing, and peace out. GOOD OLD DAYS
    Keep on whit this site.
    PS. Thanks for the alpha juno editor. Ah and.. please shut the f*** up nino!!! No desrespect.

  3. i see i was only in a couple of these flyers and boy it brought back memories —-i have over 25 flyers so far that i’ve collected with my name on them and i needed these 2 —thanks


  4. This is Mario Luna, I think you might be missing some more. I have more with your name on it…let me know if u need some copies…thanx….[email removed to protect commenter]

  5. Man do I remember this back way under, I was looking at that Latin Image one I remember them kids brings back good old memories. UPPs, KPPs, OCs, MPCs keep them memories alive. I was part of Orange Crush

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