Aug 192011
Old School Chicago DJ Flyers

Back in 1988 or so, I started a hobby that filled most of my free time: I learned how to "mix", that is, I learned to DJ. The music I spun was mostly Chicago House Music and "New Wave" (as it was called, these days it is now referred to as Industrial, EBM, or synthpop). [ Continue … ]

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Aug 032011
Alternative Dance Mixes (Industrial / EBM)

A couple mixes that I made back in 1990, enjoy… ARTIST TITLE YEAR Shona Laing Soviet Snow 1987 Experimental Products Glowing In The Dark 1984 Book of Love Boy 1985 Moev Crucify Me 1989 Front 242 Masterhit 1987 Front 242 No Shuffle 1987 Pankow Sickness Takin’ Over 1988 Secession Sneakyville 1987 Revolting Cocks Attack Ships [ Continue … ]

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