Aug 032011

A couple mixes that I made back in 1990, enjoy…

Shona Laing Soviet Snow 1987
Experimental Products Glowing In The Dark 1984
Book of Love Boy 1985
Moev Crucify Me 1989
Front 242 Masterhit 1987
Front 242 No Shuffle 1987
Pankow Sickness Takin’ Over 1988
Secession Sneakyville 1987
Revolting Cocks Attack Ships On Fire 1986
English Boy On The Loveranch The Man In Your Life 1987
Tribantura Lack Of Sense 1988
Bigod 20 Body to Body 1988
Substation More Life 1990
Signal Aout 42 (SA42) Why Not 1988

Classic Industrial Mix by xmidi

Cetu Javu Situations 1988
Fatima Hassan 1989
Red Flag If I Ever 1989
Cetu Javu Have In Mind 1988
NoHo Touch 1987
Celebrate The Nun She’s A Secretary 1990
Pet Shop Boys So Hard 1990
Anything Box Jubilation (This thing called life) 1990
Celebrate The Nun Will You Be There 1989
Peter Schilling The Different Story 1989
Erasure Oh L’Amour 1986
Book Of Love Lullaby 1988
Camouflage Love Is A Shield 1989
English Boy On The Loveranch Sex Vigilante 1988
Sigue Sigue Sputnik Success 1988
Mory Kante Ye Ke Ye Ke 1987

Classic Alternative Dance Mix 2 by xmidi

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  1. why can you d./l the second but not the first?

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