Sep 182018
Alpha Juno Control Release v1.1

After a long hibernation, I finally fire up the codebase for Alpha Juno Control and couldn’t believe the first version was released back in 2003. It’s difficult to estimate how many Alpha Juno’s (or MKS-50’s) have survived since they were released sometime in the mid 1980’s, but based on the amount of emails I receive [ Continue … ]

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May 132012
A MIDI pedal for synthesizers? Check out MIDIpal

While guitarists enjoy a long history of manipulating their guitar sounds with guitar pedals, it’s nice to see a new type of gadget aimed at synth owners: the MIDIpal. This gadget can manipulate, tweak, filter, and generate MIDI streams to your heart’s content. For example, instead of pumping your synth through a delay/echo pedal, MIDIpal [ Continue … ]

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Apr 262012
DJ Turntable Cake

When I got married in November 2009, my wife surprised me with a custom-made groom’s cake modeled after a Technics 1200 turntable (well, a 1210 actually). Easily the most badass cake I’ll ever eat. The cake was made by Luscious Layers in Chicago. (Click image for larger view)

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Dec 062011
Top Gift Ideas For Musicians

Musicians can be a difficult bunch of people to buy gifts for. After all, music itself is a highly subjective thing, so it should come as no surprise that musicians can be very selective about the musical instruments and accessories they use. I’ve tried to curate a list of instruments and accessories that cover a [ Continue … ]

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Nov 202011
VMeter LED Strip USB MIDI Controller

As an electronic musician, I always find it difficult to convey to a live audience what I’m actually doing behind my army of knobs and faders onstage. I mean, most people can relate the action of strumming a guitar to the sound that a guitar makes. There is an immediate and obvious connection between the [ Continue … ]

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